Winning the Heart of Dusty: A Man’s Journey to Befriend a Jealous Parrot

The man began to whistle melodies to the parrot to appease him.🤗🤗

This unique parrot loves his mistress very much and does not want to share her with anyone. When the man appeared in the family-it was a real change for the parrot. Now the man finally gets his soul mate from the jealous parrot.

The bird’s name is Dusty. He always lived happily with his mistress, until she had a boyfriend. The bird did not want to put up with this fact, and the man had to make an effort to get the parrot to accept him.

The girl always talked about the relationship between a boyfriend and a parrot on social networks. All subscribers were glad that the parrot began to treat the man at least a little well.

Parrot spent his whole life with his mistress. He was born without a tail and long feathers do not grow on the back of his body. This made him a real Internet star and everyone loved him.

For a long time, the man wanted to make friends with this parrot, but the jealous parrot did not want to communicate with him. Fortunately, the man found a way to make friends with a parrot. He began to whistle a melody so that he began to communicate with him.

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