«Roberts’s unshaven armpits»: 20 years later Roberts explains why she appeared with hairy armpits

This is why Pretty Woman appeared with unshaven armpits on the red carpet🧐😳

One of the attendees of the premiere of «Notting Hill» became the iconic star of «Pretty Woman». The talented film star appeared with unshaven armpits and left people speechless. It is worth mentioning that even Loren once appeared like that.

Now, after 20 years, J. Roberts explained her strange act. During a popular TV show, she admitted that it was simply an accident.

Roberts explained that she didn’t realize the length of the magnificent dress’s sleeve she appeared in. She then felt sorry considering it a wardrobe mishap.

After this accident, she started to choose her outfits carefully so as to avoid similar wardrobe mishaps. This, unluckily, affected her reputation.

None of us is guaranteed from such an awkward situation, right?



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