«It’s too hot here!»: The «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star left no room for imagination in her daring look

Jolie in a nightie-like suit with no bra drove all men crazy with her hotness🧐😳🔥

This iconic, successful, and renowned actress is 48 and a mother of many children. Paparazzi often catch her when she looks exhausted, and all done up. Yet, the star still takes time for herself and often delights with her hotness and femininity.

Her recent appearance in a black nightie-like suit with a deep neckline and without a bra quickly went viral and became the subject of discussion.

«Only a blind man could leave such a hottie! », «Am I the only one who believes that she has undergone surgeries? », «No wonder men go crazy about her! », «Pitt probably has some regrets!».

«What has she done with her breasts I wonder? », «She has no equals!», «Her hotness drives me crazy!», «What a hottie! I can’t! ».

«She ages like fine wine. She gets even prettier over the years!», «The woman I can admire forever!».

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