«I love her as she is!»: Everyone was taken aback when they saw how much weight Brosnan’s wife has gained

Seeing Brosnan’s wife’s recent photos, the fans advised the man to find someone new🧐😳

The first encounter between P. Brosnan and Keeley happened in 1994 in Mexico. They fell madly in love with each other and soon the woman became the second wife of the prominent and highly praised Hollywood actor.

«When one loves the soul, nothing else matters!», «The couple I will never stop admiring», «Brosnan proves that true love does exist!», «Was I the only one who hardly recognized her?», «How much has she gained I wonder?».

«I still remember her as a beauty with a slender body», «How long did we sleep?», «Please lose weight, at least, for the sake of your husband», and «Find a fitness trainer and change your life!», «Is he still in love with this chubby woman?».

«I guess he would like you to lose weight! », «Go find another woman!», «What did he find in her?».

The man himself explains, «The years have not been good for her, but she remains the love of my life. I consider my wife a blanket and love her as she is».


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