«Who said that gray hair is ugly?»: the girl turned gray at the age of 14 and decided to grow 1,5-meter hair

She has learned to accept herself for who she is.🧐🧐

When the girl was a child she always thought that she looked older than her peers. The girl always looked at her appearance and reacted very badly.

Time passed and the girl became very self-confident. She thought that she is so beautiful girl and decided to accept herself as she is.

Hair is also part of her appearance. Finally, the girl decided to grow long hair and she never dyed it. Now she has half a meter braid.

The girl says that she washes her hair once a month.

She has hair care oils. She says that it is very easy to take care of her hairstyle. She may not comb hair even for weeks and then her hair does not get tangled.

She changed her style of dress and now she has a lot of national outfits in which she looks very unique.

Her photos are very famous on the Internet and she has a lot of subscribers. In the photos, she is in bright images as if a girl from the last century or some kind of princess.

At work, she collects her hair in bunches or braids because her hair is very long, and she does it for safety.

It is very important during harvest or animal care. Men admire her unique beauty and her naturalness. The girl wants to teach all women to accept and love themselves.

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