“Friendship between the cat and swan” The bond of this duo is a real example for humanity

The friendship began when the cat brought a chicken with a confirmed wing.🥰

This cat is already 15 years old. He is very much loved by a family that lives in a small village. A cat was everything to them. Grandpa even could not imagine his life without this cat. He always went fishing with his cat.

They somehow noticed that the cat became very calm, he does not run to play and they began to worry about the animal. So they did not even think that the cat would live long.

Once the cat left the house for a walk but that day he did not return then the family thought that the cat left in old age.

Then the cat returned early in the morning and began to meow under the door. The cat brought with him a small chick with a damaged wing. The family immediately turned to the village healer to determine what happened to this baby. It was a small swan and he told how to cure the bird.

They placed him in a box. The cat they visited the swan. In the spring he became a big bird then the family made a house on the lake for the bird and took him there. The family began to take care of the swan.

The cat also began to take care of the swan. That’s how they became friends. Once he flew away but returned with a couple. They built a nest where tiny chicks appeared. The whole family always visited these birds, but when it was cold weather they flew to warm countries. In the spring they always returned to the rescuers.

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