«Is it worth appearing like this on TV?»: the girl is the first presenter in the world who has a tattoo on her face

On the woman’s face is a large tattoo that attracts attention.🧐🧐

In the world, there are people who sometimes surprise us with their appearance. This time New Zealand television has chosen a presenter with a beautiful but unusual appearance. This woman attracts the attention of everyone because she has a large tattoo on her face.

Her name is Orina and she is a representative of Maori. These people always decorate their appearance with various tattoos. This is not at all unusual for her.

They apply patterns both on the body and on the face. According to this girl, she got a tattoo on her face 5 years ago and she didn’t even think that she would become a presenter. A year ago she managed to get a job at one of the popular TV channels.

She became famous a year after employment. One of her employees could not come to work because of illness, so Orina tried on the role of presenter and decided to go live.

«Of course, I was very surprised. And at that moment I didn’t understand what was happening to me.

I am proud that I told the evening news. We shouldn’t let other people limit us. If we are from one culture we should follow its traditions», she said

And what do you think? Is it good to be a presenter with such an appearance?

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