«Super wedding shoot»: this couple wanted an unusual photo shoot and they will not forget it

It didn’t turn out what they wanted but it was very unusual.😳🤗🥰

For every couple, a wedding photo session is a wonderful moment when everything should be perfect. Pictures should be unusual and special, but sometimes it happens that a couple wants to do something unusual and it ends in failure.

It is exactly what happened in this story with this couple. They wanted to arrange a romantic photoshoot against the backdrop of mountains near the road.

We can say that it turned out not at all what they wanted, but it was very unusual.

For this photo shoot, they chose photographer Askar Paper from Kazakhstan. They wanted to be photographed near the muddy road against the backdrop of mountains.

The idea was very unique and cool, but only something went wrong. What could go wrong?

It is that the groom did not hold the bride in his arms and this romantic photo shoot turned into just some kind of game in the mud.

Apparently, they did not calculate all the risks. After this unexpected moment, fortunately, the couple decided not to be upset and they entered this dirty image.

For sure no one will have such a wedding shoot in the mud. We wish them great happiness and that they always go through all their problems with such a smile.

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