«For the sake of unique emotions»: this couple left their home and decided to travel around the world

The couple left the usual and comfortable life and went for new emotions.😳🤗✈️

In our times almost every person has an account on social networks. On social networks, we can find everything about traveling. Many people leave their usual life, and their jobs, and go on a journey.

There are a lot of bright photos on social networks, but few people know what reality is hidden behind these photos.

This couple tells in their account that they had a stable job in the field of advertising, but they left it all for the sake of unique emotions. Their goal is to find out how life happens far from home.

In their blog, they share not only beautiful photos but also stories from the life of people with a backpack on their shoulders so that people don’t think that traveling is just a beautiful romance.

For money for food they clean toilets, wash the dishes, they clean up after animals.

They used to work in offices and make good money but then they chose this way of life.

They sleep no more than 5 hours and wear heavy backpacks. It’s very difficult to find a place to sleep.

This couple has no opportunity to take care of their health. Their food is most often biscuits and tea but they say that they do not regret it.

This is some kind of life experience and during this experience, they understand what is valuable and what is not. When they will return home they will be completely different people.

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