«Became an ordinary woman»: this woman weighed about 500 kg and this is how she looks after weight loss

She reconsidered her life and decided to do everything to change it.🥹🤗

Everyone in the world dreams of being beautiful very much. Many people want to lose excess weight. It is hard to believe that once the weight of the fattest woman reached 500 kg.

A woman named Myra was the owner of this title.

She could not even move to get out of bed and walk. All her body was in pain. As a result, the muscles refused to take such a weight and the woman always lay in bed.

This woman didn’t worry about her health at first and about her body. She didn’t even want to give up all the bad habits. She eats a lot of fast food, sweets, and fatty things. Her husband took care of all household worries.

But one day she realized that she became very helpless.

Her nephew suffered greatly at the hands of his mother and she beat him. Myra was very close and could not help him. Then mother of her nephew was put in prison and all children went to live with Myra’s family.

The woman could not serve herself and thought about how she could take care of the children. She decided to do everything possible to change her life. She decided to lose weight.

It was very difficult for her. Several teams of doctors came to take her out of the house. She was finally pulled out through the window.

The woman went through 11 operations. Her desire was that she had to take care of her nephews. Myra completely changed her diet, and now she eats healthy food. Finally, Myra got rid of 400 kg and looks like an ordinary woman.

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