«Where is the former beauty?»: on vacation, the aged Roberts in a bodysuit was photographed

For many fans, she looks charming anyway.🧐

There are a lot of people who love Julia Roberts very much and now we can’t even believe that this beauty is already 55 years old. Looking at her photos, we can’t give Julie more than 40. Do you agree?

Recently, the paparazzi noticed Julia Roberts and photographed during her vacation in a swimsuit.

The Internet users were divided into two groups: some said that Julia had lost her beauty, and many fans were sure that Roberts remained the same beauty as she was. They are sure that Julia is as beautiful as she was.

«I didn’t recognize her», «She didn’t look like herself at all», «Her waist swam», «She is charming»,

«Her beauty has disappeared», and «She’s already over 50, calm down», fans wrote. We see that there are very loyal fans who always support their favorite actress.

We wanted to know your opinion. How does Julia look at this age and with such a figure?


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