«That’s too much»: Emily Ratajkowski poses in front of a bridge in a bikini

This photo of Ratajkowski proves that she is “hotter” than the Sun.🧐🧐

The model has once again stunned her followers with her sexy look.

She posed in a bikini top and cargo pants in front of a bridge.

The 31-year-old recently shared several photos of herself on her Instagram account, sporting different outfits. One of the clothing that she wore was a bikini from her line of swimwear. She stood in front of the New York City bridge as the water was seen behind her. She had her hair down, used some jewelry, and had sunglasses on.

In the other photos, she was wearing a short skirt, jeans, a crop top with a red pattern, light brown cargo pants, white sneakers, as well as a leopard-print bikini. The model wore makeup that perfectly highlighted her greatest features, and, in several photos, she had her hair up in a ponytail.

She shared the photos to advertise her swimwear line. The model’s followers were quick to react.

“The woman who beautifies my world with her smile and beauty,” one of them wrote.

Meanwhile the other simply stated: “Beautiful”.

Recently she did a photoshoot with Marc Jacobs and she was seen wearing high-waisted leggings and no shirt.

In several other photos, she was seen wearing crop tops, jeans, and skirts.

Another of her projects was done in Spain. In the pictures, Emily walked around holding a white plastic bag and had short blonde hair and she was unrecognizable.

The model was captured sporting a brown cardigan layered over top of a white shirt with a collar, a white skirt that was knee-length, and a top. She finished her look with black slip-on shoes with bows at the front and short heels.


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