«One of a kind»: Yellow penguin is caught on camera for the first time ever

This penguin is different from the others because of unusual color.🥰🧐

The historical pictures of the bird, which looks like a parrot, have been caught on camera by a photographer named Eve Adams.

According to science, this phenomenon, which causes the penguins to be bright yellow, is called leucism. It is sort of like albinism, but those two have differences and leucism is rarer in nature. Scientists have begun to study this phenomenon, however, the problem was that they didn’t have normal photos of these penguins. So the photos from the photographer were the first.

As per statistics, this kind of thing can appear with a probability of 1 in 150,000. On the island, where the photos were taken, there were 120,000 birds and this penguin was the only yellow one.

The photographer expressed her profound gratitude for having captured the photos.


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