«Pizza lover»: This cat has found the most effective and cute way to beg for food

This cat knows how to beg for food, and it has gone viral on the internet.🤗🤗

Cat and dog videos or photos are maybe the most searched things on the Internet. These creatures get attention for their cute appearance and their actions.

Watching videos or photos of these animals surely warm our hearts.

Wadsworth is a black cat who has become famous on the Internet for his food-begging antics.

The cat lives with his owners Natasha and Andrew, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and his other five cat siblings. However, Wadsworth, or Waddy for short, knows how to stand out from the crowd as he has learned a cute and unique way of making a move with his hands when asking for food.

According to his owners, he is a very lively cat. He may seem tough but when he doesn’t get his way, he turns into a helpless kitten. His favorite time of the day is taking a bath with his favorite toys.

Natasha revealed that the cat puts his paws together and starts waving them until he gets what he wants.

This method never fails to warm his owners’ hearts and the cat enjoys doing it without worrying about whether or not it will lose its appeal.


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