«Kindest act»: This little boy helps an injured dog stuck in the middle of traffic

This kid put his life on the line to save the life of a wounded dog.🥹🥹

There are not many people who would do this kind of thing. But an 11-year-old kid has become a real hero for such an act.

According to a local news station, Globo Rural, a courageous Brazilian boy named Jean Fernandez sprinted towards the center of a busy road amidst heavy traffic. His sole purpose was to provide aid to an injured dog that had been struck by a car, abandoned, and left to endure its pain alone.

The little boy raced towards the injured dog and carried him to a safer place.

Rafael Matins, a resident of the area, managed to capture the moment and subsequently shared the video on the internet, causing it to quickly gain widespread attention and become viral. One person on Facebook commented: “This little boy is already greater than many men.”

When asked about his heroic acts, his mother said that she isn’t surprised as the little boy loves animals very much and would help any injured animal.

The dog was given the name Mel, which is honey in English and was transferred to a local shelter. He was examined for his injured and received all the care he needed.

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