«Unbelievable»: This cat lived after falling from the 5th floor of the building

This cat recovered from severe injuries and continued to astonish and inspire people.🥹🤗

This cat fell off and sustained severe wounds and injuries. With the help of the vets, he is able to live and is recovering from his injuries.

A group of people found the cat injured and frightened and brought him to the animal shelter.

He had sustained several wounds and injuries.

The founder of the group said that they couldn’t believe how the cat managed to survive such a terrible fall. The founder said that they weren’t sure if the cat would make it but he is fine now.

According to the volunteer, the cat has become popular among the employees. He likes to be petted and is kind to strangers.

Due to his jaw being fractured, he still eats from a tube until he will have surgery.

According to the vets, cats are able to avoid damage following a leap like this cat had due to having flexible backbones and paws that can absorb trauma.

It isn’t a lie after all when people say that cats have seven lives. What do you think?


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