«Again showed ugly legs»: the famous Margot put on extreme mini and again surprised all the fans

There are such images that cannot be called successful for Margot.🧐🤔

Everyone who knows the famous star Margot Robbie understands very well that she is one of the most beautiful and attractive actresses in Hollywood.

Her reporters often call her simply charming and even through the photo you can feel it very well. What she decides to wear suits her even the unfortunate dress. It’s difficult to look away from her.

Recently the actress has become not only a star of the red carpet but she often gets on the list of the most fashionable celebrities. Only Margot doesn’t always manage to be very stylish. Sometimes she chooses outfits that are completely unsuccessful.

During the movie premiere, she was wearing a mini dress with a velvet corset and white skirt. She chose black pumps for her image.

Margot was like a porcelain doll, but many, of course, noticed the unfortunate length of the dress. The actress loves to wear a mini very much and every time she is condemned for this.

«What kind of dress she chose? The length is completely unsuccessful», «She again decided to show her ugly legs», «Everything is fine except for her legs», «The image is generally unsuccessful», and «Margot should not always wear a mini», wrote fans of the actress. But not only Margot showed an unsuccessful image at that time.

However, Margot’s figure is not quite a model, her fans have already known about this for a long time.

Once the paparazzi captured the actress on the beach. It turned out that Margot is fatter than it seems in the photos. Margot’s waist isn’t pronounced and the bust disappeared. But she has lush hips. What do you think the chosen image suits her or not?

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