«Goddess of eternal youth»: a woman who is already 51 is mistaken for a 20-year-old girl

Young guys are intrigued by her request to meet her.🧐😱

This woman is already 51 years old but she looks like a young girl. It is very difficult to believe that at her age she looks so young.

But she managed to have a successful career in dentistry, she has a daughter and she raised her beautiful girl.

She is often misidentified as a twenty-year-old girl and young guys even want to meet her.

Korean media knew about this woman when she was 48 years old. They often began to invite her to appear in various television programs. She still preserves her status as the «goddess of endless youth» and it doesn’t matter at all that she is already over fifty.

She said that when her daughter started high school they lost touch. She first turned to social media to meet new people.

Now she has a lot of followers on social media. Fortunately, she repaired her ties with her daughter and their photos are just conquering the whole world.

Some internet users even don’t believe her age. There are photos on which fans do not understand which one is the daughter.

There are people who think that she did plastic surgery to keep her look but the woman assures that this is not so.

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