“Shame, granny!” Fans React to Madonna’s Photo in a transparent lingerie

Fans have been reacting to Madonna’s recent photo.🧐

Madonna is currently 65 but she sometimes acts as if she is 20. This can be proven by the fact that she dates younger men or her choice of clothing.

Some fans support her, meanwhile, some don’t understand her choices. She uses plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, fillers, Botox, and other methods to keep herself young.

Meanwhile, when posting photos on social media she uses Photoshop to make herself look like a 16-year-old.

The “Queen of Pop”, who was known for her fashionable clothing style, currently wears revealing clothes.

Recently she shared a video of herself in a transparent corset that didn’t cover her breasts. This caught the attention of fans as one remarked: “Shame, granny!”

One thing is clear for sure the singer’s energy is always high and she feels youthful which can’t be faked.

She is very courageous as she continues to do whatever she likes to do despite the comments from haters.

The singer recently broke a record as she became the first female artist to have songs on Billboard Hot 100 for fifty years after Cher.

She will also have an 84-day tour around the globe in July.


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