«Jennifer seems to want to get married again»: Aniston does not even doubt that this time she will succeed

Finally, fans of the actress found out what she plans for the future.🧐

There is not a person who does not recognize this actress. Jennifer Aniston was jealous of maintaining the confidentiality of her personal life.

She is now 54 years old, but at this age, she suddenly decided that she did not want to hide anything anymore. Now her fans know well what the star plans for the future.

According to her friends, she experienced misfortune during two marriages but she is now sure that everything will be fine in her personal life.

She said that she is very happy and never doubts that she will definitely meet her beloved man with whom she will have very good relationships. The actress said that she definitely won’t have children.

Jennifer admitted that she used to really want to become a mother, she did IVF many times and drank medicine to get pregnant. However, everything was in vain.

Nothing happened. Now she regrets that one of her friends didn’t advise her to freeze eggs.

This is the only thing the actress regrets. And about past marriages and romances, she says that now she no longer remembers these relationships.

Her first husband was Brad Pitt, with whom she lived for 5 years until Jolie took him away.

However, she maintains friendly relations with him.

Then for 3 years, she was the wife of Justin Theroux, with whom she also broke up and decided that they should remain just friends.

Meanwhile, she had serious novels with Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. Jennifer assures that she does not even hold a grudge against them. The actress always looks ahead with optimism.

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