«Bella’s photo without makeup»: Bella Hadid’s fans were surprised to see the most beautiful woman in the world

Fans already doubt that Bella is the most beautiful woman on Earth.🧐

Recently, a photo of Bella Hadid appeared on the network in which she was without makeup.

All her fans began to criticize her in the comments. They seem to no longer think that Bella is the most beautiful woman in the world.

One of the fans says: «Maybe it sounds arrogant but, in my opinion, she was not as beautiful as me. Maybe I was more beautiful than her. Of course, she is not the only such attractive woman in the world. Cities are filled with such people. I don’t see anything special in her appearance».

She has always had plastic surgery and the results are of course amazing. She has received praise from fans for her look and of course, it’s hard to deny that she has become more attractive. Her photos before surgeries and after it have been an inspiration to many people.

Do you think she is beautiful? Is there a big difference between makeup and without?

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