«A real queen without legs»: this cute 8-year-old girl was born without legs and surprised the whole world

Doctors immediately warned that the child would be born with pathology.😍

Amazing things always happen on our planet. When a woman named Angela was pregnant, it was very difficult to determine the gender of the child.

The doctors immediately warned the mother that the child would be born with pathology. For the woman, of course, it was difficult to accept it. She tried not to think about it.

It was important for her that she would have a child and then she thought that she could treat her.

The baby was born 3 weeks earlier.

«Maria was born earlier than expected. Of course, I was very worried about my daughter. She is very beautiful. But there was something that worried us: she had no legs».

Her daughter is now 8 years old. She grows up without legs but she is happy. Her mother was very worried at first that it would be very hard for the girl to live in this world. But she is enjoying every day like all normal people.

She even participated in a photo shoot and was a model. The photographer easily came up with an image for her. She became a warrior queen.

«She is now 8 years old and participates in music competitions. She is even shown on TV. She loves to read very much and is a good student. We are proud that she is our baby».

Maria uses a wheelchair to move. She feels very comfortable with it. She can easily go out to play with her friends and go to school.

She has a lot of friends at school who love her and she also loves them. Maria is a very happy child, she has everything. Their parents did everything possible to make her feel good.

She has a brother. The boy is always next to her and follows so that no one offends her. The photographers who have already photographed Maria were just surprised. She is always very good understands how to fulfill her duties as a model and even advises professionals on how it will be better.

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