«Wonderful birthday joy»: this deaf boy with autism received 700 cards from strangers around the world

People from all over the world wished the boy a happy birthday.🥺🥹

This boy’s name is Dylan James. He is from England.

The boy is deaf and diagnosed with autism. During the quarantine, he became completely alone on his birthday.

This was the reason why strangers from all over the world decided to wish him a happy birthday.

His mother says that he could not understand why he was not allowed to leave the house. The boy always attended school but due to the quarantine, he stayed at home. That’s why his mother decided to ask Internet users to congratulate her son.

Users immediately reacted to this and the boy got several hundred birthday cards from all over the world.

The boy spent the whole day happily reading these cards.

«The reaction of these strangers was simply amazing. We will forever be grateful to these kind and caring people because they did not leave my son alone», said Mom.

A deaf boy with autism who received the most wonderful gifts from strangers was very happy. The cards came from very distant countries.

His mother said that it would be easier for her son to endure being at home and no longer wants to go out because he is very upset that all day he had to stay at home.

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