«The youngest university graduate»: this girl was so smart that she graduated from university at the age of 12

She intends to continue to improve in her profession.😳😱😊

This smart girl turned 12. She passed her final exams at a college in Florida. The girl became the youngest graduate in the 61-year history of the institution.

At the graduation ceremony, the rector turned to her and said: «Thank you. So we will show the whole world that our college helps to fulfill the dreams of students».

Like her peers, the girl loves to play Minecraft. She watches Disney movies and wears caps but has a degree in biology.

She really wants to improve in this profession. The girl dreams of entering the University of Florida at the Faculty of Microbiology.

The girl is the daughter of a doctor. Children from an early age surprised their parents because they had interesting abilities.

At 15 months she could already pronounce sentences. When she was 2 years old she already knew how to read and write. The girl was ready to go to school earlier than her peers. But the schools did not want to accept her, that’s why she studied remotely.

When the girl was 9 years old she graduated from high school and went to college. When she is asked what she thinks about the fact that she lost her childhood, she replies that she does not even think about it.

«I don’t really regret anything. I do a lot of what my peers do. College was something special and important for me. But it certainly didn’t replace my childhood», she says.

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