«The reason will melt hearts»: this elderly engineer decided to give up his job and work as a taxi driver

The story of an unusual taxi driver has already gained thousands of responses.🥹🥹

This beautiful engineer lives in India. He worked for a prestigious company but then decided to quit his job and work as a taxi driver. Every day sitting behind the wheel he helped many people.

«We had such a story that was the reason for my decision. One day my wife went into labor and at that time there was no one car that would take us to the hospital. We lost a child after that. So I came up with an idea and I decided to change my life. I take money from passengers only during the day and at night I work for free because there are a lot of people who urgently need to go to the hospital. I distribute my business cards to all passengers and they can call me at any time even late at night».

«One day in the middle of the late night I saw two men on the street. who wanted to stop a car. There was a woman with them. I immediately drove closer to them and saw that the woman had terrible burns, she was in terrible condition. It turned out that all the cars refuse to take them».

«We immediately helped the woman and rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately the woman recovered. After that we became friends».

«I am an old man, I can speak 11 languages. ​​My children have a very good job, I am a professional engineer. The most important achievement in my life is that I was able to take many people to the hospital for free. Perhaps my act would help many people to live. I am happy to be a simple taxi driver».

This touching beautiful story won millions of hearts on the Internet.

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