«Incredible transformation of the woman»: a makeup artist turned a grandmother into an attractive woman

Makeup artists decided to help her aunt lose 30 years with makeup.🧐😱🥰

Time is the most important thing in people’s lives. Some age slowly and others quickly. However, of course, a person’s age can be seen in appearance.

Of course, it’s not a secret for anyone that there are medical procedures and surgical options with which people rejuvenate, but they do not give a good result.

A makeup artist from England decided to turn her aunt into a young woman. The result simply won millions of hearts.

Beautiful makeup became a birthday present for a woman.

To create a beautiful effect, the make-up artist used a light base and a special primer. As a result, the woman’s age spots were covered.

One of the experts evaluated the work of the make-up artist. She noted that it is best to use various light makeup options because in this case, the final result will be very good.

The makeup artist told what mistakes there are during makeup that beginners make.

Makeup artists end up using fake eyelashes or making uneven eyeliner. According to the makeup artist, some even choose shadows incorrectly and in the end, the person’s age only increases.

She recommends carefully analyzing the facial features of a person before makeup.

First, the makeup artist applies a primer when choosing a product, she does not recommend saving. This is the quality of fixation of other cosmetic formulations depends.

She says that with a primer you can apply the foundation very evenly.

Many makeup artists say that shimmery pigments should be avoided when applying makeup to women old women.

However, she has a different opinion. She believes that everyone should do make-up individually. Instead of results, the photo of the makeup artist’s aunt literally won millions of hearts.

Many even noted that she had an incredible transformation and she was very younger.

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