«Divorce after 16 years»: the reason why Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet broke up after so many years is known

The actors met for 16 years in 2017 and legalized the relationship.🧐🤔

Many loved this beautiful couple but recently Jason Momoa announced that he broke up with Lisa Bonet.

They met for 16 years and legalized their relationship in 2017.

«We love each other but we don’t want to live without freedom anymore. We don’t want to limit our freedom», the star said. Now it’s already known what was the reason for their separation.

For a long time, there was an idyll in their relationship. Then at some point, their paths diverged.

The decision to break up was not easy. It took Jason and Lisa a long time to decide to break up.

«They parted a few years ago. Jason was trying to find a job, now he has a very good career. He is actively filming and Lisa cannot accompany her husband. She likes to live in Los Angeles», it is according to an anonymous source.

Their divorce, of course, was a disaster. They maintained friendly relations and did everything for the children.

According to an insider, there will be no scandals in their divorce, they will solve everything peacefully.

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