Cuteness Overload: Panda Cub Finds Rest and Security on Mother’s Belly in Charming Video

People managed to shoot a sweet video where a panda lies on mom’s belly. 🤗🤗

It seems to people that cute pandas look like small animals, but not everyone knows how these animals actually live.

For example, recently a unique video was released from the Center for the Study and Research of Pandas. For the first time people, the process of how a mother lulls her baby to sleep was shown. It turned out there is a nice technique.

When pandas are born, they are very small and in the first few months, there is no point in showing these creatures. But when they grow up a little, they look like a fluffy toy.

People managed to make a cute and beautiful video where a panda lies on mom’s belly and enjoys the day.

In the video you can see how a cute little panda rests on the grate then he sits on his mother’s belly.

However, this does not prevent a mother from rocking the baby. As many people know panda purrs like a cat or rocks the cradle like a person. And then the babies sleep well.

This cute panda has a twin sister, but doctors fought for her life because she was born very small.

Today she is healthy but the baby is not given to the mother in order to avoid risks.

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