«She decided not to hide her child anymore»: the beautiful Cameron Diaz finally showed her grown daughter to fans

It seems Cameron suddenly decided to stop hiding her child.🤗

The beautiful Cameron Diaz has an only daughter. The baby is already more than 3 years old, but the actress has never shown her fans the face of her girl.

She made it so that in very rare cases the paparazzi could photograph the baby even from afar.

But now she decided not to hide the face of her daughter. She appeared with her husband and with her daughter at a big event.

It was a model’s wedding, and for the sake of the wedding, she with her husband and daughter flew over the ocean.

The Cameron family arrived at the event and the baby immediately won millions of hearts. The baby was in the spotlight leaving the bride and groom. They were looking at the baby who was simply charming. She put on a pink dress.

The girl’s parents looked very decent. The father put on a black shirt, and Cameron put on a tight dress and showed a beautiful figure.

After their wedding, she immediately stopped filming. At first, she enjoyed her family life, but then she had a daughter and she was busy raising her.

She became interested in motherhood and therefore even very rarely left the house.

According to her, she was at home all this time and did not want to leave with a baby even for a while.

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