«Incredible news on the red carpet»: model Karlie Kloss announced her pregnancy to everyone at the Met Gala 2023

In a conversation with the presenters, she confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.🧐

There are celebrities who do not want to hide their personal lives, especially when they are pregnant. They show their pregnancy to be as spectacular as possible.

This year, for example, the singer Rihanna announced that she was pregnant during a performance.

It seems that the model Karlie Kloss also decided to do as Rihanna. She showed her pregnancy during Met Gala 2023.

In front of photographers she was in a black captivating dress and she had pearl threads.

In such an outfit, of course, everything was noticeable about Karlie. She did not want to hide her pregnancy, and even in a conversation she told everyone that she was expecting a second child.

«This is a real surprise», said everyone. Now the beautiful Karlie accepts the congratulations of her fans. All Internet users join this kind congratulations.

Karlie already has a child with Joshua Kushner. The first child was born in 2021.

«Easy pregnancy and childbirth», «You are beautiful even in this form», «I think she is very happy that she is pregnant», «Cool dress with this figure», commented fans.

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