Unique cat celebrated his thirtieth birthday and became the oldest cat on the planet

The cute cat has been a wonderful companion for the family all the years.🤗🐱

This cute cat is called Rubble. He is a red and white cute kitten born in England.

Caring and kind mistress Michele gave herself this cat when she was 20 years old. He was a very wonderful gift for her and was a faithful and good friend.

Fortunately, the cat was very healthy but his blood pressure had recently risen. The veterinarian said that the cat is of course healthy but it is possible that he is the oldest in the world.

One day, Michele’s friend asked her if she could register her cat in the Guinness Book of Records to get the title of the oldest cat in the world.

Michelle was not sure that her cat was ready to meet so many people who would come to him. She thought that the cat should live his life and old age in comfort.

It is worth noting that such domestic cats live from 15 to 20 years.

Recently the cat turned 30 years old and he and his owner celebrated his birthday.

We hope that this cat will live its golden years in love and care.

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