«Rumors about Shakira’s relationship with Tom Cruise»: she answered the rumors about the affair with Cruise

Fans recently said that they were interested in a relationship with the singer.🧐

Of course, the personal lives of celebrities are always interesting for everyone, especially for their fans. Recently, fans have become interested in the life of Shakira.

As soon as a famous singer appears in the company of any man, all the fans immediately think that she was in a relationship with him.

They recently saw Shakira with Tom Cruise. They were watching the race in Miami. From the actor’s entourage, some talked about the fact that he was in a relationship with the singer. But as journalists say, Shakira is not at all interested in such a romantic relationship.

Of course, Shakira and Tom had a very good and fun time together. But this does not mean that they have some kind of love relationship.

«Shakira doesn’t want to date Tom», the source explained. According to him, the singer decided to take a break after her relationship with Gerard Piqué, and of course, we understand her.

«Tom is a good person and she enjoyed being in his company. But of course, at the moment, Shakira is not thinking about such a relationship at all», says the source.

After a difficult breakup with Gerard Piqué, she decided to ignore her love relationships and focus on her children and career.

These rumors confirm the fact that after she was in the company of Tom Cruise, she had fun with another man, Lewis Hamilton.

So it’s possible that she was just trying to have some fun in Miami.

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