Bearly Believable: The Incredible Life of a Bear Living as a Family Member

At first, the bear cub was not at all adapted to living together with people.😱🥰

This unique family has been sharing their house for 28 years with a real bear. This bear was an orphan because his mother was killed by hunters.

The bear cub at first could not live with people, but it was the family that helped him adapt to this life.

All the neighbors were a little afraid that a bear lives with them and they fenced themselves off from them with a strong fence.

Now this bear even acts in films and is the hero of photo shoots.  He surprised people with his behavior.

He poses very well for the camera. He eats meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

The performance costs at least 20,000 rubles. This bear is very devoted to the family as a faithful dog. Like every dog, this unique bear is very fond of treats.

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