«Famous singer is simply unrecognizable»: all fans did not like the new photos of Lady Gaga who has lost weight

The change in the weight of the star caused indignation among the fans.🧐🤔

Recently, Lady Gaga starred in the «Joker» sequel. She always liked to be in the spotlight.

Well, it seems that this time she could not satisfy her fans. They were a little disappointed when they saw the changed weight of the star.

When photos appeared on the Internet in which Lady Gaga was very thin.

Her weight loss turned out to be so fast that everyone thought that she was using unhealthy weight loss methods.

When she published a new video for the song «Born this way». Fans thought that she was dating Michael Polanski and some of them already said that maybe she lost weight for the role and that’s normal.

As some know, Lady Gaga has always wanted to change her weight for a movie role. But for the role in «House of Gucci,» she had to gain weight.

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