«What girls look like after 4 years»: they were the most beautiful twins in the world when they were 6 years old

Everyone advised parents to send their children to a modeling agency.🥰🥰

Once upon a time, sweet twins Mila and Lia were born. They were very beautiful to their parents, like all children in every family.

Well, they turned out to be beautiful not only for their family but also for others. Who saw these twins, everyone made wonderful compliments, even strangers.

Father had black hair and he was tall and mother had such gorgeous features and emerald eyes. All the friends of this family advised them to send their children to modeling agencies.

Their mother always said that the children grow up and they themselves will decide whether they want to be models or not. When they were 6 years old, their mother discussed modeling careers with the girls.

But we all know that girls always like to be at the center of attention and they want to be famous too.

Now they have a lot of success and they get invitations from different advertising agencies.

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