«This is what Emily Ratajkowski looks like without makeup»: paparazzi were able to capture her image

Street photos were seen of Emily when she was going her daily activities❤️🥰

Beautiful model Emily always claims that a woman should look 100%, so all her fans have always seen her with make-up. But the paparazzi were able to see the model on the street.

She was without any makeup and in sunglasses. Her image was simple with a white T-shirt and black pants. She finished her look with a blazer.

She took a black small bag with her and had a cosmetic bag. All fans claim that in a long time, this was the first time that she was in public without makeup.

Her fans say she still looks great and that she is always wearing makeup. Her face is so fresh and clean without makeup. Some netizens said she looks like Kendall.

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