«Interesting act of a woman»: she hasn’t used shampoo for almost 6 years and surprised everyone

The girl washes her hair in a fivefold way without shampoo.🧐

Meet a girl who became known on the Internet for not using shampoo for almost 6 years. She had very good hair and during these years she washes her hair in a specific way and is a vegetarian and leads a good lifestyle.

Of course, there are people for whom the girl is unclean, so they all advised her to wash her hair like an ordinary person and.

She claims that proper nutrition is necessary in order to have beautiful luxurious hair. She is a vegetarian and eats only fruits and vegetables.

«I don’t use shampoo and don’t dry my hair with a hairdryer. I don’t even use any creams, gels, or mousses», said the girl. She seems to use natural products.

What do you think? Is she doing right?

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