«The shortest marriage»: after 12 days of marriage, Pamela Anderson’s ex-husband will pay her 10 million dollars

The incredibly short duration of their marriage is only two weeks.🧐🤔

Pamela Andersen’s marriage to her husband separated very briefly just two weeks 78-year-old producer John has to pay $10 million.

Peters and Andersen had a short but love affair in 1989. He always gave her jewelry, clothes, and cars.

Everything turned out fine until the main moment.

Then they got married again in 2020. But this time the marriage lasted only 12 days after that. The husband left his wife a huge amount of money.

«She will always remain in my heart. I left her money. I don’t know if she needs it or not, but in my opinion of course she needs it».

The actress deserved such an award after going through all sorts of difficulties.

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