A Serendipitous Connection: The Story of a Homeless Kitty Who Chose His Owner

An adorable kitty chose his owner by himself😊😊

A man named Adrian moved into a new house and he saw a curious visitor at the window. A homeless black cat had come out of nowhere and started to introduce himself.

And also the kitty returned the next day and Adrian considered to interact with his visitor. He opened the window and started chatting with the kitty and then the kitty himself made his own way back into the garden.

And when the kitty came once more Adrian considered opening his window and inviting him into his room. And Adrian’s roommate captured the moment when the kitty was sitting outside his window waiting for him to return home. And Adrian understood the kitty had chosen him as an owner.

Adrian started leaving his window open for his feline friend to come when he wants and leave whenever he is tired.

But one day Adrian saw, that his feline friend didn’t want to leave his bedroom. And at that time Adrian felt guilty, as he thought he might be someone’s cat and his family might have been looking for him.

He put posters around his neighborhood and also made a post on Facebook, but no one appeared as the cat’s owner. Then Adrian’s roommate told, them that before he moved in they saw the kitty wandering the street and it seemed he is a homeless one.

And at that time Adrian understood, that he must consider something. The kitty chose him and he need to decide if he wanted the cat.

And of course, he considered taking the kitty.

Adrian named him Bojangles and he is happy, that the sweet kitty chose him.

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