«It’s just unreal how she was changed»: a girl from Hungary paid 165,000 dollars to look like Barbie

One of her first memories is playing with barbie dolls.😳🧐

Meet a unique girl who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. She always said her favorite doll was Barbie. She had her first operation when she was 17 years old.

From that moment on, she just had different plastic surgeries so that she would look at least a little like her favorite doll. Then one day she met her future husband who treated her like a toy.

The girl worked as a secretary but left her job because she always says that her beauty attracts all men.

She says that after she decided to become like a doll, everyone does not take her seriously.

The girl later divorced, but she loves that all the attention of men was on her. She really wants to find a new husband and does not stop doing plastic surgery in life.

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