«His condition did not prevent him»: this man, even in a wheelchair, turned an abandoned building into a house

Even though he can’t move, he didn’t give up on his idea.😊👏

An incredible story in which a very strong man was able to build his house even while in a wheelchair. He did not give up his creative idea in this state.

The man found a very difficult job for himself. Luckily he could buy a building for 10,000 dollars. It was a store but he wanted to turn it into his dream home.

It was a surprise for everyone and they did not believe that such a person could build any house.

He decided to repair it all and move there to live with his whole family. He was sure that there would be a lot of difficulties but he would be able to cope with this. Family members always helped him build his dream home.

Finally the house was built and they came to live there. They live happily and enjoy every day in their home.

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