«Love has no boundaries»: this is what the daughter of the shortest man in the world looks like

This man is very short but decided to get married and have children.😊

Many people know this man whose name is James Lasted. He is a famous actor and TV presenter. His height is 110 cm at 33 years old.

Some will think that such a person will not communicate with people. It seems to them that such people cannot lead a normal way of life.

The man believed that he was unique and achieved success in his career. He also built his personal life because he was very confident in himself.

They got married in 2014 and despite the fact that the girl was taller than him they fell in love.

When they were in a cafe and asked for a menu, the waiter always brought the menu and gave it to the girl, and for the man, the waiter always brought pencils and a notebook so that he would draw like a child, but they always laughed at it.

They made a wedding, got married and they had a beautiful baby. Now and a girl of 2 years old and she enjoys every day.

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