The Elusive Fox: Rambo’s Thrilling Game of Hide-and-Seek in Australia’s Piliga Game Reserve

The story of Rambo has captured the attention of wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists alike.🧐

Rambo, a fox living in Australia’s Piliga Game Reserve, has been evading capture and transport for three years, causing obstacles in the transporting process for other animals.

Despite nearly 3,000 baiting attempts and camera traps, Rambo managed to avoid being photographed. The goal is to relocate him to allow for the rare marmots in the reserve.

Conservationists spent 465 hours searching for Rambo, but even tracking dogs were unable to pick up his odor, resulting in three weeks of aimless searches in the woods.

As the only carnivore in the northwestern province of Piliga Nature Reserve, Rambo thrives due to the decline of other fox populations and abundant food and water supplies.

He is currently confined to a 5,800-hectare fenced area designed to serve as a safe haven for Australia’s rare marsupials. However, Rambo’s presence has prevented the introduction of these new residents.

Despite successfully moving other animals into the fenced area, Rambo still posed a challenge. He regularly appears on the 97 cameras scattered throughout the forest, seemingly posing for a photo.

Conservationists discovered in early 2021 that Rambo was aware of the location of the cameras and was actively avoiding them. Human encounters with the elusive fox have been limited, to only two times. Rambo has become a master of evasion and disguise.


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