«She looks just like her famous mother» Milla Jovovich’s daughter made a great impression at the film’s premiere

She impressed everyone at the premiere.😊😍

15-year-old Ever Gabo Anderson has successfully entered into the modeling and film industries. And we just enjoy seeing her succeed.

For example, her first debut is in ‘’Peter Pan & Wendy’’, in which he acted.

It is natural that she could not help her choosing this field.

Given that she’s signed a contract with the company, it’s no surprise that Ever wore a Miu Miu ensemble.

The little girl looked adorable in a white mini-dress with a metallic sheen.

She put on a bit of make-up, giving her eyes a bit of sparkle and softly defined her lips; it looked extremely natural and emphasized the inherent beauty of the famous actress.

Ever was the center of attention that night, and she handled the pressure perfectly, smiling for the cameras and the premiere attendees.

Internet fans who watched the video of the event noticed once again how much the young actress looks like her mother.

The funny fact is that Milla Jovovich opposed her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

He was worried that the heiress would face the same trials because she had started to behave early.

However, Avery’s situation is much simpler than that of Milla, who arrived from another nation, barely knew the language, and had little help.

He should have learned a lot from a superstar mother and filmmaker father.

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