«It was incredible for them»: the couple was surprised when they saw Keanu Reeves at their wedding

They took a warm and memorable photo on their special day.😊😱

For the couple, it was a surprise that famous actor Keanu Reeves was at their wedding.

They were having a great time when the actor suddenly appeared.

The wife met the actor back in the hotel bar. He worked as a sales rep and he spoke to him at registration.

That’s how he met Nikki. It was an incredible surprise for her that the actor came to their wedding.

She was very happy to see Keanu. The wife told the actor that his wife is a fan and she is happy to see him.

They went to greet her.

Nikki fell in love with the actor, especially after watching the series where Keanu was the main character.

They certainly took a memorable photo together.

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