A Heroic Rescue: Man Risks His Life to Save Beloved Dog from Drowning

He got to the dog but could not swim to the nearest land.🥺🤗🤗

When we have a pet, it means that we have an eternal friend and member of our family.

One day a man saw how his dog ran and fell into the river drowning and he immediately jumped in to save the dog.

The man was walking with his dog when he ran and ended up in the river. Without thinking for a minute the man rushed after him. He was able to get to the dog but could not swim to the shore.

Fortunately, the rescue service was able to save both the dog and the owner. This moment was filmed on camera and posted on social networks.

Everyone commented that the man is a hero and he has a huge love for the dog. Some suggested that he should go for a walk with a collar.

We wish them the best.

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