«A New Chapter Begins! » Daniel Radcliffe Embraces Parenthood

Daniel Radcliffe has recently become a father for the first time😍😊

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, who is in his fourth decade now, has not revealed the baby’s name or gender but has admitted that their family has more than two members now.

Photos of the famous “Harry Potter” star and his partner, actress Erin Dark, walking with a child in New York streets, were taken and shared by paparazzi.

However, they have decided to keep confidential the name or any info related to their baby, and the couple has not made any public announcements about their new family member, reports “Spletnik”.

In March, reporters shot a photo of Erin Dark with a noticeable baby bump, confirming her interesting state. A secret but reliable source shared with The Mirror that both Erin and Daniel are excited to welcome their new family member and can’t wait to have a bigger family.

These two have been romantically involved for over ten years, having met on the set of the film “Kill Your Darlings”, shot in 2012, in which Radcliffe played one of the main characters. Erin is an American actress who has appeared in several movies, including “Good Girls Revolt”, “Quiet Waters”, “Complete Unknown”, and many other films.

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