«She is an unreal beauty»: this already well-known elderly model showed everyone a photo of her youth

Recently woman set a Guinness World Record as an 88-year-old model.😍😍😍

Probably there is no one who has not seen at least once a photo of Carmen.

She is a beautiful woman and is a famous model.

She is 88 years old but works as a model. She is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

When she was young she lived in a poor family.

But fortunately, when she turned 13, she was seen by a woman whose husband was a photographer and invited her to participate in the casting. Since she had money, she lived poorly, so she immediately agreed.

She always dreamed of becoming a ballet star but immediately after the first photo shoot, she was recognized by the whole world.

A few years later she became already Vogue model. She worked hard and began to earn money for her family.

When she got even deeper into the modeling business, she already fell in love with her work.

When she was 32 she decided not to pursue a modeling career anymore but she was offered to be a model by so many agencies that she couldn’t refuse.

Now even at this old age, she is still a world-famous model.

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