«Beauty contest winner at 61»: she is not a popular star but has become known all over the world

She is so gorgeous that she looks no older than 35.😍🥰

A resident from Odessa named Svetlana was not a popular star but became known for the fact that her appearance is not older than 35 years.

No one even believes in her real age. She says that she is already a pensioner and recently turned 61.

She tells everyone the secret of her beauty and youth.

The woman says that she likes to ride a bike and walks a lot.

She likes swimming and leads a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing that she enjoys is fashion.

youIf you want to have such an appearance, so you should sleep earlier and wakes up earlier too.

The woman has her own business and she even participated in a beauty contest and was the winner.

Now she plans to participate in other beauty contests and of course, we are sure that she will win.

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