«Woman is the proof for everyone»: the mother who has no arms does everything possible for her baby

The doctors cannot understand what made her be born with this syndrome.😳🥰👏

Of course, it is very difficult to be born without arms or legs, but when a person is born like that, there is no choice.

The hero of our story was born without arms but never gave up. She always enjoyed life.

Her name is Sarah. Still, no doctor can say specifically what was the reason that she was born so.

She is so strong that she got used to the fact that she had no arms and began to do everything with the help of her feet.

The woman even got married and had a girl. She does everything possible for her baby. She takes care of her daughter and once shared her story with subscribers on social networks.

Sarah did everything herself from childhood. Of course, it is not easy to take care of the baby, but she copes with it.

Thanks to her strength and maternal instincts, she overcame all difficulties.

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